Who we are?
Smart Films International (“SFI”) is an international developer and manufacturer of Smart Film and Glass Solutions for Privacy on demand and Solar Control. Our products are based on our proprietary NCAP-PDLC technology and we are supporting Architecture and Automotive industries. Our Smart Glass solutions installed worldwide for over 15 years in a wide range of market segments such as Commercial, Residential, Healthcare, Industrial, Hospitality, Entertainments, Art, Government and Public.

Main Milestones

2000 - Initiating business activity - PDLC development, initial R&D pilot line.
2003 - First sheet base production line in Taiwan.
2007 - Production in roll format 100cm in California.
2013 - Production of Smart Film in roll format 140cm & Smart Glass in Japan.
2015 - Production of Smart Film in roll format 140cm & Smart Glass in Australia.
2016 - Production of Smart Film in roll format 180cm & Smart Glass in China.

Our offering

  • Smart Film Technology Transfer - If you wish to get into production of Smart Film we provide a full package of support including production line with equipment and tools, together with production process and know-how. Want to become a Smart Film Production? SFI is your partner!
  • Smart Glass Production - If you are a Glass Laminator we offer a full support package including materials and equipment as well as training for self-production of Smart Glasses from Smart Film.  We offer Smart Films in roll format or cut to size ready to lamination. Want to become a Smart Glass producer? SFI is your partner!
  • Smart Glass Distribution - If you are in the Glass Business and you wish to offer Smart Glass solutions to your customers' portfolio we offer high quality products in a competitive price. We do have various business models for collaboration from specific projects to a committed partnership. Wish to get into Smart Glass? SFI is your partner!
  • Customized Smart Glass Solutions - If you are Architect, Interior Designer, Property Owner or in a need for Smart Glass we will be happy to advise and offer you a comprehensive solution.

Our Vision
Smart Films is committed to innovation and production of Dynamic Smart Films for Architecture and Automotive industries. Our vision is to be the leading company in providing Dynamic Smart Films and Glass solutions through partnership and business collaborations.

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