PDLC smart glass interview


It seems that Smart Films International is a pioneer in commercializing smart glass. What attracted you in the first place to the smart glass market?

Smart Films International’s journey started 20 years ago as a start-up company with the vision of being the leading provider of flexible Liquid Crystal optical shutters.

Years of investment in research and development led us to a high quality Smart Film technology, as well as unique production methods and roll-to-roll capabilities. We were inspired by the endless possibilities of adding a technology layer to a conventional glass or plastic based substrate, resulting in enhanced or new products.

Today we are well established for Smart Glass as well as having full capabilities to customize LC emulsions for other applications such as dynamic automotive visors, ski goggles, strobe glasses and more.

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Latest Developments July 2018

SFI Newsletter for July 2018

  • Extra Clear Smart Film / Glass 1400 mm / 55" wide
  • Smart Glass provides great Acoustic
  • Smart Glass ideal for Hospitals
  • Automotive Smart Glass 48 VAC

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SFI Newsletter for June 2018

SFI Newsletter for June 2018

  • SFI qualifies Glass Laminators to use its NCAP PDLC Film
  • Adhesive Film sticking on existing glass
  • Curving PDLC Glass 48 VAC

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Latest Developments May 2018

Extra Clear Smart Film / Glass

up to 1400mm width

Due to technological advantages and innovation we are proud to present the utmost Transparent Smart Film / Glass, based on our NCAP PDLC technology (1), now available up to 1400mm (55”) wide.

If you are not built for compromise, if you always wish for the best, you must go with the NCAP PDLC Smart Film, 100% made in Japan, superior optical qualities, the only technology that stands for reliability and stability with over 20+ years of installations.

(1) NCAP PDLC Smart Glass is the original PDLC technology, developed and commercialized in the Silicon Valley, CA since the early 1990's.


Self-Adhesive Privacy Film

better transparency & stickiness

Our Self-Adhesive Smart Film now commercially sold with better transparency and better stickiness. Optical properties are better than ever due to customized Optical Adhesive layer and PET ITO substrates.

We recommend you to evaluate our new Self adhesive Smart Film Samples.


Self-Tinting Solar Film

block UV & IR; Photochromic

For the first time ever, we are proud to introduce the Self-Tinting Solar Film that is tinted based on LIGHT and not as exposure to temperature. The film blocks 99% of the UV harmful light and 80% of the IR.

The advantages of the film are most valuable for energy savings and providing comfortable space. The heat isolation enabled by blocking the UV and IR will reduce the cooling costs. The film tinting will make the space much more comfortable as it will cut the glare and strong light.

Installation of the Self-Tinting Solar Film is quite easy, no need for electricity, it is activated by the amount of light. It is perfect for Automotive and Architecture applications.


Glass Demo and Film Samples

We recommend and encourage glass laminators and film installers to get our Demo for evaluation.
The Extra Clear Smart Film is provided with two layers of customized low temperature EVA.
Visit our Demo & Sample page for more information.