Smart Film International Company Profile

Smart Films International (“SFI”) is a developer and manufacturer of Dynamic Smart Glass Solutions for Architecture and Automotive markets. We divided our dynamic glass solutions for the following groups:

  • Smart Film / Smart Glass

Smart Film, also known as Switchable Film or Privacy Film is an innovative solution for Privacy on Demand. The Smart Film switches between transparent and ‘milky’ white by applying electrical voltage. Privacy Glass is a Smart Film, laminated as a sandwich between two glasses. Our Smart Film is based on our propriety NCAP PDLC technology. You may easily upgrade your traditional glass with a Smart Glass, where you can control your Privacy in a touch of a button.

In attempting to upgrade existing glass to a Smart Glass (retrofit) we developed a Self-Adhesive Smart Film that applied on existing glasses.

  • Solar Glass

Solar Glass refers to either Electrochromic technology which is active technology or Thermochromic technology which is passive.

Thermochromic Glass uses heat from direct sunlight to tint when necessary. As the sun moves across the sky, the Glass will cool and return to clear. At night or in cloudy conditions, when direct sun is not present, the Glass remains clear and allows as much day lighting as possible. Our Thermochromic Glass is very advanced, yet is the simplest, dynamic glass technology available. Electrochromic glass control is a crucial element in office and industrial buildings with large glazed surfaces in the façade as well as in classical conservatories. Electrochromic control glass is an intelligent alternative for common shading solutions and provides plenty of daylight in conservatories and behind glass façade, as well as a permanently unobstructed view to the outside. The amount of light transmitted by the glass can be flexibly adapted to the user’s needs, according to the weather conditions.

  • Display Glass

Display Glass solution provides you with the capability to turn your glass into a multimedia display and at the same time keep it’s glass transparency. Upgrading traditional glass, for example a storefront glass, with a Display Glass enables you to turn your storefront glass into a big multimedia display on demand, with prestige feel and look. It is a really great platform for sales and marketing.  Our range of solutions fit external and internal glasses, digital posters etc'. We represent the next generation of the old traditional digital signage.

In addition, SFI develops and manufactures ‘Normally Open’ Low-Voltage switchable LCD film based on proprietary Liquid Crystal, which serves a variety of applications such as helmets, Ski goggle and lenses.
Its main product is EyeStrobe (™) to train the connection of Eye – Brain – Body.

Smart Privacy Glass

Smart Solar Glass

Smart Solar Glass is a perfect solution for all modern buildings. They are distinguished by high strength, durability and changing transparency depending on sun activity and weather conditions.

Thermochromic glass regulates the level of light transmission, using sunrays heat. For example, during a hot sunny day, the window is completely opaque or darkened, but as soon as the sun hides behind the clouds, it will immediately become more transparent, and  in cloudy weather, at dawn or late in the evening, Solar windows will give you full-fledged natural lighting.

Beside classical installation of smart glass in residential and office buildings, solar windows are widely used as attic ones due not only to the blackout effect, but also thanks to excellent thermal insulation. Moreover agriculture has also begun to use successfully innovative glass. For example, to create a solar greenhouse, there is nothing better than a smart Solar glass, which will help to gather an excellent crop due to the regulation of solar activity.

Smart Glasses Effects

  • Window tinting

The effect is very convenient in a case when you  need to hide from prying eyes - most of the time the glass will be completely transparent, but at the push of a button it becomes whitish-cloudy or dark.

These smart glasses are good for internal office partitions, but you can also use them in construction of houses, for example, in a bedroom.

  • Glasses with heating

In this case there are heating cables inside the glass, so that your windows can warm up. What are the advantages? You get rid of the subjective feeling of a draft, there is no need to install massive radiators under the windows, and heating will protect the windows from frost.

  • Display glass

It is one of the most complex modifications, where a transparent projection screen is placed between the glass sheets and thus the image is displayed.

  • Noise-canceling or acoustic glass

The peculiarity of these glasses is that they are finely vibrated, due to which they reproduce the sound or reflect the surrounding sounds in antiphase, so that they suppress noise. This is a good option for home or office usage.

Suntuitive Thermochromic Glass

Smart glass

Smart glass - high technology in everyday life and excellent replacement for curtains and jalousie!

Smart glass, which changes its translucency under the influence of electricity, is a product of high technologies based on liquid crystals. The principle of work of electrochromic window tinting lies in the dispersion of the light flux under the influence of electricity.

The working area of the ​​window, produced with a help of "smart glass" technology, consists of two layers of conductive film, between which particles of liquid crystal particles are located. When the smart film is off it looks like a matte-white surface, because the crystals in it are disposed chaotically.

Under the influence of electricity, the crystals take a parallel position to the electric field, and the glass becomes transparent and slightly opalescent, freely passing light into the room.

When the electric current is turned on, the frosted glass becomes transparent, with a light moiré along the edges of the canvas, which gives the glass an additional depth and texture. On a transparent background, upon the customer’s request, the drawings may be applied to the glass by the method of artistic sandblasting, complementing the overall design style of the room. Due to the play of light, shadow and sunlight, each of the drawings becomes at times barely discernible, and then they are detailed in front of the amazed spectators.

Wide application of the panel made of the electrochromic triplex is found in architectural and protective glazing, especially in the composition of double-glazed windows of any protection class.

Wherever conventional glass is used, it can be replaced by electrochromic smart glass: windows, doors, partitions, facade structures. Its usage is equally possible both indoors and outdoors.

Smart-glass is suitable to the full for office partitions, interior solutions for restaurants and cafes. It can be used in swimming pools (not afraid of humidity), winter gardens, and greenhouses and just there where sometimes it is necessary to hide from prying eyes.

Made of a hardened safety triplex, Smart-glass also has excellent soundproofing properties, which are very important for creating confidentiality during negotiations, meeting or just while watching loud movies or commercials.

Smart Privacy Glass

Privacy Glass : Residentials

The possible use for SFI Privacy Glass is diverse and now is more to be found in the residential sector. Home designers and architects choose NCAP PDLC Glass as it provides the Privacy any resident asks for, but still being able to get the outside view. This smart glass can be used for windows, roof-lights, bathrooms, shower screens, sliding doors, folding doors, kitchen partitions, rear projection screen, and even as an unusual flooring material.