Demo Smart Glass and Adhesive Film Sample target to attract customers, architectures and designers.
We offer the following privacy smart glass samples and demo.

Demo Glass


  • A5 Size
  • Ready to plug; Drive by AA battery
  • Extra clear transparency
  • Includes frames to protect the glass
  • Target Architecture and Automotive

Adhesive Film


  • A4 size
  • Self-Adhesive Film, ready to plug in to the power (220/110v)
  • Film to stick on an existing glass
  • Colors: white, light grey and dark grey
  • Film with busbar and wires only
  • Target film installers and architects

Laminated Film


  • A4 size
  • Laminated Film with busbar and wires on it
  • Ready for EVA lamination
  • Includes EVA sheet
  • Target glass laminators to make a smart glass
  • Colors: white, grey