Dynamic Lenses

SFI develops, manufactures and sells flexible display film solutions, providing comprehensive design-to-manufacturing film LCD display solutions and ‘Displaying Endless Possibilities’.

From display characteristics perspective, SFI's LCD film panel is superior to its glass counterpart in terms of viewing angle and also eliminates the common shadow effect due to the thin film used.
In terms of LCD display mode, our LCD film panel adopts different kinds of passive type liquid crystal materials developed and used for glass displays.

Depending on the type of applications, TN, STN, GH, PDLC, VA, CLC modes are available taking advantage of the film substrate used.





  • Normally Open – it is transparent when no voltage.
  • Transmission 1-35%
  • Very low haze <1%
  • Low voltage 5-10V AC Square wave
  • Dimmable
  • Thickness – 630 micron / 450 micron
  • Max size is 580 x 580mm
  • UV protection >98%
  • IR Protection - partially
  • Supporting automotive applications
  • Curve lamination (one axis) R500mm
  • Curve Lamination (two axis) R1800mm