Privacy Glass is based on a PDLC privacy film. This film also named switchable film, smart film or smart tint, all to make a privacy window film (self-adhesive) or privacy window glass. You can convert your window from traditional form to technological one with a click of a button. With privacy glass you will enjoy the new no-curtains look that you love without losing the privacy that you deserve.

Privacy glass is currently used in commercial, offices, hotels, medical institutional and residential as well.

SFI Privacy Film and Glass is based on high class NCAP PDLC.



  • NCAP PDLC technology
  • Glass type Optiwhite™: LOW IRON EXTRA CLEAR
  • Thickness – 5+5mm,6+6mm,5+7mm
  • Water and humid sealant protection in wet environments like bathrooms
  • Triplex, Non tempered
  • 5 years warranty on quality and functioning of the glass panels
  • SFI know-how and experience guarantee stability and professional service



Self-Adhesive Film or Retrofit is a special PDLC smart film to place on an existing glass. This approach is relevant in case you do not want to replace the glass.
We supply customized film per your scheme, with busbar wires. The customer can easily stick on the glass per our step to step installation manual.

We have 3 Self-Adhesive color types:

  • white (clear)
  • Light grey
  • Dark grey



Glass Laminators this is for you!

We offer you a full package of Switchable Smart Films in roll format or precut pre-wired ready to lamination. We will support you with lamination and process qualification. Power control and other required accessories for remote control and moving glasses and more.

  • Transparency and Haze
    SFI films is very transparent from all angles, meaning no HAZE whem looking to the glass from the side.
  • Reliability
    The film is installed in the market for 20+ years
  • Stability
    SFI’s PDLC privacy glass has no need to be in an OFF state for a minimum of 4 hours every 24 hours; hence no need for the expense and installation of digital timers.
    There is no need for Daily Switching On and OFF to ensure panels remain functional.
  • Controller
    SFI offers a line of transformers and controllers to reduce voltage as well as connection to smart home and relay. It covers up to 10 or 20 sqm.
  • Film Format
    SFI provides customers powered cut to size films as well as roll.
  • Packaging
    SFI’s films are shipped in a Crush Proof Packaging Set to ensure long shelf life.
  • Response time
    The response time is extremely fast and transparency level can be changed instantly, from translucent to clear is approx.1/1000 sec. and from clear to translucent it takes approx.1/100 sec.
    The speed of this response time will leverage SFI’s application range and will bring many other application possible.
  • Low power consumption, economy from its running cost
    The electrical power required to operate switchable light control is only 3.5W/㎡. It is an incredible economy from what can be obtained. No special maintenance is necessary and no large burden can be expect on the running cost.


  • Customized film for car windows and automotive
  • Thickness 120μm
  • Low voltage